welcome to askmemetallurgy.com!

askmemetallurgy is a team of Metallurgy lover who works for others and earns the happiness. we are working day & night for making this place the only home of metallurgists. This website features practice set (MCQs) of each and individual papers of metallurgical engineering.

We provide:

  1.  All Metallurgical papers MCQ
  2. Previous year exam papers in MCQ formate (including GATE, or any campus placement papers)
  3. MCQ on demended topics
  4. Blog on all important as well as demanded topics.
  5. Discussions Forum
  6. All books related to metallurgy in pdf
  7. Job Alert related to meta engg.
  8. GATE Topic wise exam preparation (coming soon).

Journey of askmemetallurgy:

  • askmemetallurgy was previously known as Metallurgy Test Series in 2014. it started from Dhanbad, Jharkhand and the test was conducted in offline mode.
  • But We had dreamt something big and decided to provide hand holding help to every metallurgist. this ignites us to make our presence online and this is the result, our website released in 2018.
  • Now, we are continuously improving it to make it the only home of metallurgists.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make a comfortable home for all metallurgists. We are working to provide all the important MCQs in metallurgical Engineering.

Our Vision:

To reach every metallurgist in India and uplift them in every dimension.

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