Interview Talks with Shrivasts Tamrakar (GATE 2018 AIR 64,  MT)

Interview Talks with Shrivasts Tamrakar (GATE 2018 AIR 64, MT)


MT GATE Aspirants,

Here is an interview with who secured AIR -64 in Metallurgical And Materials Engineering branch.

He has answered the questions keeping in mind how it can help future GATE aspirants.

So We request you all to go through it.

We hope his interview will add something positive to your preparation.


A:- Shrivats Tamrakar


A:- Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur (VNIT-NAGPUR).


A:- 64

4. MARKS OUT OF 100 ..?

A:- 63.00

5. GATE SCORE OUT OF 1000..?

A:- 668

6. When and why did you start your GATE preparation?

A:- I started my GATE preparation in September 2018. I prepared for GATE just because I wanted to get into some PSU.

7. How did you prepare for the GATE exam?


  • First of all I went through the GATE syllabus thoroughly.
  • Then I started searching for books and other relevant sources.
  • After I had the resources I just made it sure that I clear my concepts well.
  • I did not try to read too many books but tried read the standard ones well.
  • And solved previous year questions.

8. What was the toughest part of your preparation? And hurdles that you faced?

A:- Managing college activities with my studies.

9. Which books did you follow for GATE preparation? Please name few important must-read books subject-wise for GATE?


  1. Physical Metallurgy – Vijendra Singh
  2. Thermodynamics – Gaskell, Ahindra Ghosh, Some nptel videos.
  3. Ferrous Metallurgy – From my college notes and Ahindra Ghosh.
  4. Non-Ferrous – H S Ray.
  5. Mechanical Metallurgy – Dieter
  6. Engineering Mathematics – Iyengar
  7. Manufacturing – Dieter, nptel pdf lectures

10. How you kept yourself motivated? Sources of motivation if any?


  • The hope for getting into a good PSU was my motivation.
  • My source for my motivation my friends preparing for me.

11. What was the strategy you followed while appearing for test series and gate exam?

A:- I just tried to keep myself calm and tried to avoid silly mistakes as much as possible.

12. How do you feel after this achievement and what are your future plans?

A:- It feels good when you get something for your hard work but form me actual happiness will be when I get into PSU. As of now, I haven’t planned for the future yet.

13. Any advice for future aspirants?

A:- Follow the syllabus strictly. Don’t try anything fancy. Do the simple thing with perfection. Improve your problem-solving skills.

14. How you’d have been Benefited from our Facebook & Whatsapp Group?

A:- Definitely yes, through the questions which were posted in the group helped me a bit for my revision.

Thanks, Shrivats Tamrakar for such an awesome Experienced it was.

You can contact through his Fb Id and

Here is the link to reach out his for any helps you may require in the future:- )

Shrivats Tamrakar

!!!………….We wish you all the best with your PSUs interview. Hope you achieve your dreams………….!!!

credit- Sreeram Naik

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