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1. Which is the structure insensitive property?

Yield Stress
Fatigue Strength
Elastic constant
None of the above
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2. One of the yielding criteria for ductile material is Von Mises Criteria also known as

Maximum shear stress criteria
Minimum shear stress criteria
Creation energy criteria
Distortion energy criteria
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3. Vacancy is the one dimensional defect comes under the category of

Point defect
Dislocation defect
Surface defect
Volume defect
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4. What is the slip plane defined for Gold (Au) which has FCC structure?

none of the above
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5. Array of edge dislocation is called______

Twist boundary
Tilt boundary
Twin boundary
Grain boundary
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6. Angle for the low angle grain boundary is

Equal to 10 degree
Greater than 10 degree
Smaller than 10 degree
Smaller than 1 degree
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7. The total number of slip system is defined for Zinc

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8. Which one of the following instrument can be used for observing edge dislocation during the analysis of a sample in the lab

Scanning electron microscopy
Transmission electron microscopy
Atomic spectroscopy
Optical microscopy
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9. Magnitude of the Burger vector for Polonium is

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10. Area under the elastic region on Stress strain curve is

Elastic limit
Proportional limit
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11. Angle between burger vector and tangent vector for screw dislocation is

0 degree
30 degree
45 degree
90 degree
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12. Plane stress condition is defined for the

Large body
Long body
Thin body
Thick body
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