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1. Which of the following property is not extensive?

Number of moles
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2. Which one of the following is Helmholtz free energy?

A = U – TS
G = U – TS
A = H – TS
G = U – TS
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3. In thermodynamics, the law of equilibrium principle is expressed in the form of

Zeroth law of thermodynamics
First law of thermodynamics
Second law of thermodynamics
Third law of thermodynamics
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4. Which one of the following relation is true for Boyle’s law?

P ∝ V
P ∝ 1/V
T ∝ P
P ∝ 1/T
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5. If reaction is non spontaneous in all temperature then

ΔS = 0
ΔS = +ve
ΔS = -ve
None of the above
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6. Dezincification is the example of the

Selective leaching
Heap leaching
Dump leaching
None of the above
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7. Gibbs phase rule is given by

F = C – P
F = C – P + 1
F = C – P + 2
F = C – P+3
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8. Enthalpy of mixing for an ideal solution is

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9. For solids and liquids, Cp and Cv are

Cp = Cv
Cp = Cv
Cv > Cp
Cp – Cv =R
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10. Which one of the following is true for Isothermal process?

ΔP = 0
ΔV = 0
ΔT = 0
W = 0
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11. Which one of the following is a state property?

Internal energy
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12. “ Driving force for equilibrium uniquely defined” this statement is related to the

Zeroth law of thermodynamics
first law of thermodynamics
second law of thermodynamics
third law of thermodynamics
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